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Want to write

  • short stories or personal essays for publication  

  • killer essays the SAT or ACT or for scholarship applications

  • winning essays for college or high school courses

  • effective business communications

  • just for fun


Tutoring from Moonfish Writing Services can help!

     There are two levels of tutoring available--Basic and Advanced--offered in the areas of fiction, creative non-fiction, and academic writing


     All tutoring is provided via email by Christine Dorman, a published writer and professional educator with over fifteen years' experience in education as a college writing professor, a high school English teacher, and a tutor.

     Below is a brief description of the tutoring levels.  You can get more information via email, without obligation, by clicking on the yellow button below and filling out a short contact form.  Please specify in the "Message" area what you would like to know.

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BASIC:  Lessons based on a general writing course geared to the selected type (fiction, creative nonfiction, academic). Each assignment done by student will be read and individualized feedback will be emailed.  One follow up email to answer student questions or to give brief revision guidance is free with each lesson.   TOTAL COST: $ 35 / Lesson

Advanced:  Individualized lessons based on student goals and progress.  Detailed feedback with up to 2 free follow up emails lesson to answer questions, discuss solutions to writing issues, and give revision guidance. 

                            TOTAL COST: $ 60 / Lesson


Pay per lesson.  Stop lessons at any time.*  Choose to receive lessons weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

Ready to start? Have questions? Simply click the blue button below and complete the brief contact form.


* Notice of cancellation of tutoring must be given at least one week prior to next scheduled lesson or the student will be charged for that lesson.