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       Christine Dorman is the creator / designer / editor of  She is a published short fiction writer who sometimes dabbles in poetry. Currently, she is in the process of revising her young adult fantasy novel, Music of Dragons.

       As a college professor, high school English teacher, and a tutor, Christine has taught writing--creative and academic--for over 15 years.  Journeying with writers, watching them blossom and gain confidence is one of her greatest delights.

      Christine earned an MFA in Creative Writing from Hostra University as well as B.A. degrees in English and Secondary Education from Loyola University, New Orleans.

     When she's not writing or teaching, Christine loves learning new things and reading both fiction and nonfiction.

     Music (making it or listening to it) is her soul's passion.  

Explore her writing: Celtic Moonfish Blog


                                     Fiction & Poetry

                                    Cu Tailte & Music of Dragons






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