Christine has been telling stories since before she could write. She delights in exploring the lands that exist in her imagination and learning about the people who live there.  Perhaps it's no surprise then that she loves to write--and to read--fantasy. Tolkien is her favorite author. She also enjoys the Harry Potter series, a good Star Wars novel and any story that takes place in the Medieval or Dark Ages.  Merlin is her favorite literary character.  But she doesn't confine herself to the world of speculative fiction.  Classics, such as The Canterbury Tales and The Three Musketeers are high on her read-over-and-over again list. She also enjoys James Harriot's books, Thurber's short stories, and a massive amount of nonfiction.


      A researcher by nature, Christine read encyclopedia articles for fun as a child.  Now, she enjoys spending hours on the internet, reading about topics ranging from the Tudors to herbal medicine to the Big Bang Theory. This love of research helps her in writing academic essays and in copywriting activities such as blogging, composing emails, and writing website content. It comes in handy for fiction writing as well.  For example, what ingredients would a faerie use to create a protective elixir?  Studying the uses of herbs in folkloric and magic traditions can help provide a plausible answer.


     The excitement Christine experiences in researching comes from a passion for learning. That passion has led her to obtain a B.A. in English / Writing from Loyola University (New Orleans) and an M.F.A. in Creative Writing from Hofstra University.  She has shared her education and love of learning with students as a college writing professor, a high school English teacher, and a tutor.


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