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Critiques: Feedback on short pieces of writing (short fiction up                               to 4,00 words and academic essays, maximum 10                                   pages). The feedback addresses structure, content,
                             voice, clarity, and grammar / mechanics.  

Tutoring: One-on-one online tutoring based on student needs                               and goals.  Available for both creative and academic                               writing.  Adult students only.

Courses:  Customized: Designed to address student's level and                               goals with personalized feedback and assistance                                       from  Christine.  The course is delivered via email.                                  Fiction writing only.  Poetry and academic writing are                            not available at this time.

Self-Study: Generalized course in creative writing                                   delivered weekly via email.  Students are welcome                                   to  contact Christine with email questions once a                                     week.

    For more information and pricing: Email Christine.     There is no obligation.


Thank you!

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