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Welcome to Cu Tailte *


     Cu Tailte is a union of five magical lands. Since before written history, it had been a monarchy ruled by the Si an Cadhar (Faerie of the Chair). The Si an Cadhar (usually female) was chosen each generation by the moon goddess, Gaela, during a sacred ritual. But the Great Dragon War changed all that. Now Cu Tailte is governed by the Si Comhaer-li, the Faerie Council.  Don't think, though, that Cu Tailte is a democracy; it is not.  The members of the Council are appointed, not elected.  Many Si Comhaer-li members have gotten their seats through nepotism or bribery.

     Below is a list of the significant places in Cu Tailte.  A corresponding map follows the list.

    Anrioch Cree   (renamed Talam d'Ghais by The Council) a bustling place where Enad t'Solas, the capital, is located.  In the northeastern corner is Silverleaf Meadow, a peaceful clearing which connects the five lands.

    Tir y D'wyr is a land to the west of Anrioch Cree made up of several magical races.  Trolls predominate. It can be a dangerous place to live as it is bordered by N'Fian Tailte (The Wild Lands) and Talam Si Daerg.  These are not a part of Cu Tailte but the Red Faeries, barbarians who inhabit Talam Si Daerg, periodically break across the border and raid Tir D'wyr.

    Willowsong Woods (Cailte Ahmran Sealach in the High Faerie language) is located between Anrioch Cree and Ghost Sprite Grove. Willowsong Woods is a shady, safe hamlet. In the northern part of the Woods is Nightshade Thicket, a murky, dense area which houses one of Cu Tailte's primary schools of magic.

    Ghost Sprite Grove is the westernmost land of Cu Tailte. This is a dangerous, haunted place patrolled by the Sluagh-Si, vicious faerie ghosts who guard the Grove and Cu Tailte from Cinngans (humans).  To the West of Ghost Sprite Grove is the Cinngan town of Baile Eilie.

    Ard Nathair  is a forbidding forest in the northern part of Cu Tailte.  It oozes malevolence and is inhabited by predatory creatures such as the Madra Dhu (a black dog the size of a cow)  The only path to the Dragon Kingdom is through Ard Nathair but few Cu Tailtians, even before the Great Dragon War, have had the courage to journey through the forest and then only in caravans.  The Si Comhaer-li now have made travel through Ard Nathair illegal.

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Cu Tailte History:

    The Great Dragon War 

 * Cu Taile is the setting for Music of Dragons, Christine         Dorman's current work-in-progress young adult fantasy.
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