Ireland’s Most Haunted County: Offaly

The story of the Red Lady of Leap Castle is one of brutality and tragedy. Discover the ghosts who live on in Ireland’s most haunted county.

Celtic Summer Deities

Brigid, Taranis, Lugh, the Oak King...Celtic folklore says it takes many deities to make a summer.

Exploring Meaning: Celtic Animal Symbolism

From gentle deer to stubborn bulls and ominous ravens, in Celtic culture an encounter with an animal carries with it a message to be heeded.

Cornwall: Land of the English Celts

Cornwall is nestled in a southwestern part of England but its history, culture and native language are far more Celtic than English.

We Three Celtic Kings

Celtic lands were comprised of numerous territories ruled by petty kings, but here are three Celtic kings whose power was far from small.

Celtic Memory: Experiencing Ellis Island

Ellis Island has become a symbol of the American Dream but for the immigrants who were processed there, the experience was far from romantic

The Instruments Behind the Celtic Sound

Did you know not all harps are the same and not all bagpipes are Scottish? Today’s post dives deeper into traditional Celtic instruments.