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Celtic Crystals: Is That Even a Thing?

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

In Celtic spirituality, everything has a spark of the Divine. So belief in the energy contained in crystals is in keeping with Celtic tradition.

Crystals are a significant element in contemporary alternative medicine. They’re also important in Wiccan practice. But are they Celtic? While there is abundant historic and folkloric evidence that trees and plants were highly valued and utilized in Celtic medicine and magic, there are few indications that crystals played much of a role. Still, the idea that crystals contain energy aligns with the Celtic belief that all things have a spark of the Divine in them. Also, the potency of crystals appears in Arthurian legend, which is Celtic (most likely Welsh) in origin. Merlin is strongly associated with the crystal cave. In some variants of the legend, Nimue imprisons him in the cave. In other versions, he learns his craft there as it is said to be the source of all magic. In any case, according to the Celtic worldview, crystals have energy at their core and that makes them worth examining.

Just as with herbs, there is a vast catalogue of crystals and gemstones. It is much too large a topic to cover in one post so I’ve selected a handful of stones which are highly regarded and those that have a Celtic connection.

Celtic Gemstones

Speaking of Celtic connections, do the Celtic nations have gemstones? Well, of course they can be found in jewelry stores, but can gems be mined in Scotland, Ireland, and Wales? Scotland, according to gemselect.com, is the greatest natural source of gemstones in the U.K. The stones primarily can be found in volcanic rock formations in the highlands and in volcanic rock along the shore of an area known as Ruby Bay. Despite its name, the area is rich in garnet, not rubies. In the highlands, jasper can be mined. Scotland also has amethyst, blue agate, and smoky quartz along with small amounts of aquamarine and real rubies. High quality dark blue sapphire exists on Scotland’s Isle of Harris but there is a protection order which bans its removal.

Deposits of high quality sapphire can be found on the Isle of Harris, Scotland, but a law bans their removal from the island.

Wales’ history of coal mining might lead one to think the land is rich in diamonds. It is not. Despite popular belief, diamonds cannot be produced from coal. The main gemstone found in Wales is quartz. While quartz may not fetch the same price tag as diamonds, it is highly valued as a medicinal and magical crystal. More on that below.

Dig in Northern Ireland and you’re more likely to find metal than crystal. County Tyrone has one of the few active gold mines left in the U.K. Even so, gemstone quality aquamarine, ruby, sapphire, and opal have been found in Northern Ireland. The main gemstone in the Republic of Ireland is Connemara marble, greenish in color, which is created when limestone is heated under pressure. Sorry to disappoint but Ireland does not have natural resources of emerald. Its nickname, the Emerald Isle, refers to the lush green color of its landscape, a result of abundant rainfall.

The Power of Celtic Crystals

Below are the properties and effects attributed to the crystals which can be found in Celtic lands.

Amethyst: This rich purple crystal is considered incredibly healing, protective, and purifying. It banishes negative thoughts, alleviates insomnia, and aids in interpreting dreams. It also increases humility, sincerity, and spiritual wisdom. In alternative medicine, amethyst is used to stimulate hormone production and to cleanse the blood. Additionally, it is reputed to relieve pain and stress.

Amethyst banishes negative thoughts, alleviates insomnia, and aids in interpreting dreams.

Aquamarine: This icy blue gem is infused with both feminine and lunar energy. It protects, nourishes, and heals. The stone aids in meditation, purification, and emotional healing. Also, it strengthens one’s ability to speak the truth with courage. Aquamarine flows with a peaceful yet playful energy.

Blue Agate: Another beautiful blue stone, agate is calming. It soothes agitation and relieves stress. The stone is said to promote positive thinking and the feeling of well-being. It gives hope and increases physical energy. Blue agate is used to heal throat issues as well as to facilitate the expression of feelings. Finally, the stone is associated with the protection of children.

Garnet: Deep red garnet is associated with passion, sensuality and romantic love. It inspires devotion. This crystal opens the heart, increasing courage and self-confidence. With a purifying and revitalizing energy, garnet is used in alternative medicine to boost the immune system and to purify the heart, blood, and lungs. The fiery stone also is said to help with controlling one’s anger.

Combining aquamarine and blue agate can increase the calming energy of both crystals.

Jasper: Known as “the supreme nurturer,” jasper protects by absorbing negative vibrations. It promotes courage, confidence, and quick thinking while reducing stress. This empowering crystal comes in a variety of colors. The most common is red, which contains iron deposits. Jasper helps balance emotions and promotes stability.

Quartz (Rose): This lovely light pink stone improves close connections by increasing trust and harmony in relationships. During times of grief, it provides comfort. The crystal also encourages respect, love, and self-esteem.

Quartz (White): Highly valued, this crystal stores, amplifies, releases, and controls energy. Considered a master healer, white quartz helps stimulate the immune system and brings balance to the entire body. The stone aids memory and concentration as well. As an added bonus, white quartz enhances the energy and effects of other crystals.

Rubies are believed to provide protection from storms, enable restful sleep, and attract wealth.

Ruby: One of the most important precious gems in terms of its monetary worth, this blood red jewel has great value as a crystal as well. It is said to restore vitality and energy levels. Additionally, it improves self-awareness and the ability to realize the truth. Rubies are believed to provide protection from storms, enable restful sleep, and attract wealth. Its energy stimulates courage, enthusiasm, and joy while encouraging generosity. In ancient medicine, rubies were used to improve circulatory health and remove toxins from the blood.

Sapphire: A stone of wisdom and royalty, deep blue sapphire attracts prosperity, happiness, and peace. It opens the mind to accept beauty and intuition. In alternative medicine, sapphires are said to help heal eye problems, blood disorders, and cellular issues. Additionally, they are associated with easing depression, anxiety, and insomnia.

And One for the Moon

Moonstone: This iridescent bluish white stone is not indigenous to Ireland, Scotland, or Wales. Still, I had to include it. This crystal is renowned for its strong energy but I’m including it in this post because of its close association with the moon. The moon’s importance in Celtic culture is evident in the fact that the Celtic calendar is lunar. The Celts marked time and determined the dates of their sacred festivals based on the phases of the moon. So what does moonstone do? It inspires, heightens intuition, and increases positive thinking. It brings forth good fortune and success, especially in new undertakings. The crystal helps guide one through the instability inherent in making a fresh start. Associated with new beginnings, moonstone gives strength and encourages inner growth.

Vibrating to the moon's energy, moonstone heightens intuition and inspiration.

Do you believe crystals have energy? Have you ever experienced a benefit from wearing or keeping one? Please share your experiences and thoughts in the COMMENTS section below.

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