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Quiz: Which Celtic Herb Are You?

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

What herbal energy resides in your heart?

To further celebrate Celtic herbs this month, here’s a little quiz to help you discover which herb you are. For each question, choose the letter of the answer that most closely applies to you. Keep track of your answers and see the bottom of the page to find out which herb you are. Don’t forget the FREE DRAWING for an herbal combo gift pack. See details below the quiz.

1. Which of the following best describes you?

A. cool

B. spicy

C. attractive

D. spiky

E. wise

2. Who would you most want to hang with?

A. anyone and everyone. Hey, the more the merrier!

B. saucy and spicy peeps

C. gentle, refined souls who seek peace and harmony

D. I care about people but, mostly, I enjoy hanging with myself

E. those attuned to the vibrations of the moon

3. How would your friends describe you?

A. a joyful, energizing optimist

B. a versatile multi-tasker

C. a calm yet enticing romantic

D. a comforting friend who can be a little prickly at times

E. a good confidant with a mischievous side

Stinging Nettle can cause a painful rash but, if approached properly (hint: wear gloves) it can provide a number of health benefits.

4. Which food most appeals to you?

A. chocolate chip ice cream

B. choose-your-own-toppings pizza

C. a romantic, candle-lit dinner

D. a warm, comforting soup

E. an earthy, healing cup of tea

5. If you were a medicine, which symptom would you most want to relieve?

A. memory loss

B. digestive problems

C. anxiety

D. high blood pressure

E. pain and inflammation

6. Which word do you dislike the most?

A. insomnia

B. weakness

C. disharmony

D. negativity

E. inflexibility

7. Which magical power would you prefer to have? The ability to

A. have heightened psychic awareness

B. heal many, if not all, illnesses

C. attract peace as well as romance

D. locate faeries

E. grant wishes

In Celtic folklore, honeysuckle was considered an antidote to the evil eye. It also attracted money and weddings!

Now add up how many of each letter you have (for example: 4 Bs, 2 As, and 1 E). Find below the letter you answered most often. Beside it is a description of your Celtic herb personality. If you had a tie (for example: 3 Cs, 3 Ds, and a B), it just means you’re a magical mixture! So read the description of each of your letters to decide if you have a dominant herb in your nature or if you’ve achieved a good balance.

A. Mint: You’re upbeat and fun to be around. People are energized by your positive energy. Your loving presence is calming and healing. You have a great memory and / or it’s important to you to honor the memory of people and events which have come before. You know the importance of learning from the past. Having a high potential for psychic awareness, you also are keenly aware of the present and have insights about the future. Listen to your instincts. And despite your energy, sleep well. The herb, mint, gives protection from danger during sleep. So, sweet dreams!

B. Basil: You are remarkable! You’re versatile, well-rounded, and multi-talented. You can do whatever you put your mind to. This attracts a lot of people to you, and you mix well with a variety of people. You have a lot to offer: strength, clear-thinking, dependability. You’re grounded and earthy, but never boring. In truth, you have a zest for life and prefer friends and activities that bring a little spice to it. Your presence in the world dispels darkness, fear, and confusion, and brings healing. In Celtic folk medicine, basil is considered the closest thing to a cure-all. So you’re more valuable—and valued—than you may realize!

Lavender is a magical herb capable of both soothing anxieties and inflaming passions.

C. Lavender: Serene, calming, and oh so very attractive. That’s you! But beneath that gentle, quiet exterior beats a passionate heart. And your enticing, persuasive personality can stir up passion in the hearts of others, causing them to fall in love with you. Alternatively, you can lull them, relax them, and bring them under your spell. You are a romantic who views the world through lavender-tinted glasses. That can lead you to heartbreak, but your resilience will heal your own heart just as your soothing spirit heals the hearts of others. Your presence eases anxieties and stress, and brings a touch of graceful loveliness into the world.

D. Stinging Nettle: Let’s be real up front. Your outer self can be off-putting. You can irritate people without even trying. But people who approach you properly, with respect and care, discover the truth. Knowing you is a phenomenal gift! You are comforting and, ironically, you’re great at soothing inflamed feelings and pain. Those who know you intimately are strengthened and encouraged by your own strength. You have an innate ability to chase away fear and darkness, and you are a rock of stability in emergencies. You’re a great guide through life as well since you have a knack for seeing and avoiding pitfalls. Those you love are nourished by your protective energy which drives away negativity and hostile intentions. According to Celtic folklore, stinging nettle can help reveal where faeries live. Those who get to know your heart discover the hidden magic of your being.

E. Willow Bark: Influenced by the moon’s energy, you are protective, even maternal, highly creative, somewhat mischievous, and a touch loony. You make an incredible friend and confidant. If someone shares a secret with you, you will lock it away for safe keeping. You will never betray a confidence. Your wise presence soothes inflamed nerves and eases pain and suffering. Others can learn much from your flexibility, your ability not to fight against storms, and your talent for bouncing back from anything life throws at you. While you may occasionally grumble and mutter under your breath, your gracious spirit aids in gentling the flow of life for others, and gives you the ability to stay grounded while, at the same time, enabling you to live in the spiritual realm of reality.

Herbs can bring joy, playfulness, and even a bit of magic into your life.

*This quiz is purely for entertainment. If you’d like to find out more about Celtic herbs, why not start by reading these posts from Celtic Moonfish: here, here, and here.

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Until next week, slan go foil!

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