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Celtic Tree Signs: Secrets of the Reed and Wolf

The Celts used reeds for a variety of purposes ranging from flutes and writing implements to arrows and medical tools.

The Tree Sign

The Celts used reeds for a number of purposes. Writing implements were made from them as were musical instruments, specifically flutes. Warriors fashioned them into arrows. Doctors utilized them as treatment tools. Reeds were the material of choice for building roofs as well. Since the plant was such an everyday part of Celtic life, the logical conclusion is that those born under the Celtic Tree Sign of the Reed (October 28—November 24th) are practical, pragmatic, and ordinary. But, logical though it may be, that conclusion is incorrect. Reeds are far from ordinary!

Deep and complex, a Reed can be something of an enigma. They enjoy people (or, at least, they find others intriguing) and they have a talent for getting people to confide secrets to them. Reeds also excel at keeping secrets. They are highly experienced at hiding their own. After a time, you may come to realize that your Reed friend knows all about you while he or she remains a mystery.

Reeds excel at getting people to confide in them but it's often not a two-way street.

Mystery itself attracts Reeds. They love uncovering and investigating it. So whether it’s your inner workings or universal phenomena, Reeds are on a quest to solve the puzzle and discover the truth at its core. This trait makes them great historians, archaeologists, and detectives. Reeds also enjoy anything having to do with spirituality and, so, might go into the clergy or even become psychic advisors. As pursuers of truth, Reeds are natural academics and enjoy teaching and mentoring others.

Those born under the sign of the Reed relish good stories, especially legends and folklore. They also have a fondness for gossip so it might be wise to watch what you share with a Reed until you get to know him or her well. Remember: they have a knack for getting others to divulge secrets. Just be aware that this gift has both a positive and negative side. Be sure the Reed you’re confiding in is someone you trust.

If you’re a friend or a family member, there is little to fear. Reeds are fiercely loyal to and protective of those they love. Despite their weakness for gossip, Reeds generally are people of strong ethical character who feel passionately about being honorable. Ultimately, they have a great deal to offer to those they care about.

Those born under the sign of the Celtic wolf are fiercely loyal and protective of the members of their pack.

Animal Sign: The Wolf

All Celtic tree signs have a corresponding animal sign. The Reed’s is the Wolf. Like the Reed, the Wolf is drawn to mystery and enjoys exploring the unknown. In Celtic mythology, wolves and dogs often are guides to the Otherworld. They are great companions to journey with as they always stay attuned to the environment, have excellent instincts, and are adept at making course adjustments when needed. Wolves are strategic and have a strong sense of survival. But they don’t just take care of themselves. They are highly protective of the members of their pack. Like Reeds, Wolves are secretive and reluctant to reveal their true selves to others. In Celtic folklore, wolves are shape-shifters. Despite their cool exteriors, Wolves are moody and emotion-driven. They are deeply passionate and, if they pour that passion into good causes, they can transform humanity.

The Reed / Wolf makes a valuable companion and guide through the journey of life.


Reeds were used in so many ways in Celtic culture, they have become a symbol of purposefulness. They also are associated with communication because of their use in writing and music. Both the tree sign and the animal sign symbolize protection.

Wolves are a symbol of death, rebirth, and transformation. Also, in Celtic mythology, the wolf was associated with the moon. According to legend, the wolf chases the sun each day, ultimately devouring it. This, then, allows the moon to rise and rule the night.

If you know a Reed / Wolf (or if you are one) you are fortunate. They are secretive and complicated but they also are honorable, loyal, passionately protective, and can be powerful agents of beneficial transformation. Journey with them and discover the truth for yourself.

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